Monday, June 1, 2009

Latest Trip to Canton

Whew !!! It was hot in Canton, Texas this weekend.

The weather was beautiful - the vendors were wonderful.
I didn't even make to any of the indoor vendors.

Spent the entire day in the junk and in front of
the civic center and then before I knew it -
I was out of time and money.

I found an old wooden crib that I cannot wait to give some love.
There is an old step stool, some old door headers and tin medallions.
I got a lot of wood from my special little vendor from Oklahoma and
some old wooden boxes that I just had to have.

Baby Girl got an old tricycle for some of her photo shots.
Under her trike is the top to a bird bath that I had to have.
I will fill it w/ moss, sand, shells and whatever else I can find and
top it w/ a piece of glass.
Chicken coups / nesting boxes are for oldest baby girl.
She and her husband have a yard full of chickens now.

A blue wicker chair and 4 metal chairs.

Notice the tire. Somewhere along the way the tread flew off
one of the trailer tires - busted out the tail light and last but not least...

caused extensive damage to the little armoire that we bought. I guess there was too much swaying going on with the unlevel tires and she just couldn't take it.

It is a wonder that we didn't have an accident. I feel like my son/ guardian angel knew that I couldn't have handled it and by the way the tire went flat shortly after we got home.

I hate traveling with a trailer and I can NOT back it up to save my life.

We did have a small fender bender when a vendor backed out of his spot into the side of my suburban on Saturday but like I told him when he complimented me for being so nice about it -

~That ain't the worse thing that's happened to me ~


trash talk said...

This reads like some of my adventures, but I have to applaud you for:
a. pulling the trailer (I just won't!)
b. keeping your cool
c. for having the foresight to bring the trailer in the first place!

You are one smart shopper!

Artsy Fartsy said...

You racked up that trip, as crafty as you are I am sure you will get the armoire back together!! Awesome finds girly, Tootles, Janna

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I'm going to Canton next month--who would you recommend for a custom china hutch made from old barn wood? I love that old county, peeling paint look. Maybe they can make it for me before I go. thanks!