Monday, June 22, 2009

Death NEVER takes a holiday

My cousins 23 year old son died Sunday - yes fathers day - from injuries that he sustained in an automobile accident on June 2. My heart is just sick for her and her family and for what I know they will go through for the rest of their life. Because I was trying to help her, albeit numbly - I didn't get to put anything in my booth this week and will be on vacation next week.

Oh well, who cares now right?

We always go to the beach for Jordan's anniversary. It was his most favorite place in the world and ours too. It is a fitting place to sit and remember his wonderful presence in our lives. I will finish reading "The Shack" and then will turn to a Nora Roberts and then a John Grisham.
It's the only time I ever get to read and I can't wait for that part.

I will also sit and reflect on how in the world I will help my cousin get through this. Everyone kept saying that I would be the only one that could help her. Don't they know that I still can't even help myself !!!! You would think that since I had been there, I would know something, but there is nothing in this world that can help a parent that has suffered the loss of their child - Nothing !!!

With much love,
Jordan Walker Gooding
1989 to 2006

Jarrett DeShea Turner
1985 to 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Productive Weekend ?

Well, I spent most of the weekend working on projects but I had to clear room
out in the studio before I could even get to my work table.
I also had laundry that had piled up on me soooo...
this was all I got accomplished.

Little chair we found in the trash - yes, I have been known to dumpster dive.

Did you see this vanity on the trailer with the last Canton haul?

This is going to make someone very happy when they get it home.

And, I made a sign - just for fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It takes a thief

You know, I am always amazed at what some people will do. I opened the door to my baby boys prized truck on Sunday morning, only to find that the dash of his truck had been ripped out and his stereo had been stolen. I can't even describe my shock and horror. This stereo was the last Christmas gift that I was ever able to give my son.

I will always remember that it took him what seemed like forever to pick out this perfect stereo. It was a bit over budget but he got it anyway - I was always weak when it came to my children.

It was like someone had trespassed on what was for me - Holy Ground - like a grave robber. Didn't they know that was HIS truck ! HIS stereo ! I just can't imagine that even in the world of thieves that they didn't know how we went to great lengths to preserve this thing that was so important to someone that we had lost. It just makes my heart sick.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Latest Trip to Canton

Whew !!! It was hot in Canton, Texas this weekend.

The weather was beautiful - the vendors were wonderful.
I didn't even make to any of the indoor vendors.

Spent the entire day in the junk and in front of
the civic center and then before I knew it -
I was out of time and money.

I found an old wooden crib that I cannot wait to give some love.
There is an old step stool, some old door headers and tin medallions.
I got a lot of wood from my special little vendor from Oklahoma and
some old wooden boxes that I just had to have.

Baby Girl got an old tricycle for some of her photo shots.
Under her trike is the top to a bird bath that I had to have.
I will fill it w/ moss, sand, shells and whatever else I can find and
top it w/ a piece of glass.
Chicken coups / nesting boxes are for oldest baby girl.
She and her husband have a yard full of chickens now.

A blue wicker chair and 4 metal chairs.

Notice the tire. Somewhere along the way the tread flew off
one of the trailer tires - busted out the tail light and last but not least...

caused extensive damage to the little armoire that we bought. I guess there was too much swaying going on with the unlevel tires and she just couldn't take it.

It is a wonder that we didn't have an accident. I feel like my son/ guardian angel knew that I couldn't have handled it and by the way the tire went flat shortly after we got home.

I hate traveling with a trailer and I can NOT back it up to save my life.

We did have a small fender bender when a vendor backed out of his spot into the side of my suburban on Saturday but like I told him when he complimented me for being so nice about it -

~That ain't the worse thing that's happened to me ~