Monday, June 8, 2009

It takes a thief

You know, I am always amazed at what some people will do. I opened the door to my baby boys prized truck on Sunday morning, only to find that the dash of his truck had been ripped out and his stereo had been stolen. I can't even describe my shock and horror. This stereo was the last Christmas gift that I was ever able to give my son.

I will always remember that it took him what seemed like forever to pick out this perfect stereo. It was a bit over budget but he got it anyway - I was always weak when it came to my children.

It was like someone had trespassed on what was for me - Holy Ground - like a grave robber. Didn't they know that was HIS truck ! HIS stereo ! I just can't imagine that even in the world of thieves that they didn't know how we went to great lengths to preserve this thing that was so important to someone that we had lost. It just makes my heart sick.

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