Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New piece in the booth

Here are some wooden tags that I have recently made.
I am still trying to perfect them but you get the idea.
Desirae is making scarfs and has put them in the booth for sale.
The are $26.50 plus shipping if you would like one.

This is an old primitive cabinet that came out of an old farmhouse.
It is for sale in the booth too.
$528.00 and it is HUGE !

I'm trying to get up a trip to Canton this weekend.
I need to do some Christmas shopping and I need some stuff.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Antique Alley Open House

Yesterday was open house on Antique Alley and I fluffed and fixed the booth for it. I know it's been a long time since I've blogged but I have just been so busy. Hopefully things will settle down very soon and I can get back to what I enjoy doing instead of what I have to do.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Bubba Bear

Little Bubba Bear was supposed to be a full blooded English Bulldog.
He had 11 brothers and sisters which was our first indication that
he wasn't full blooded. They were all solid colors w/ just a spot
here and there. They all had long tails.
In a matter of a few days, Mother Dog had
managed to kill all his brothers and sisters.
He is a sole survivor and we didn't know if he would make it.
We did know that we had to take him away from her.

Poor Duke didn't care if he was the babys daddy,
He just wanted to play with baby.

My daughter took him home and began bottle feeding him at 4 days old.

He is now 7 weeks old and he is quite robust.
He looks like a bull mastif and he has NO FEAR !
He was our Canton mascot.
He is just the cutest thing !!!!

Canton - Day 3

Notice anything different?
The wind was gusting so bad (hurricane force I'm sure)
With our luck, I wanted the camper awning put away.
There was 60% chance of showers so we rented a canopy
to protect the furniture.

I did sell most of my signs and framed tins.
One lady came back on Sunday to get one because
her friend had bought one and she liked it so much, they came back
from Dallas. That is one good thing about this experience, I met some
VERY nice ladies. The 2 ladies from Dallas read my blog and then
there was the cutest lady from Happy, Texas that came to see me
because SHE read my blog too. I didn't know anyone read my blog.

Have I mentioned how hot it was?
It was HOT !!!

While I sold a few pieces of furniture, the large
heavy pieces were still there and we had to bring them
back home with us. Did I mention they were HEAVY !!!!
All the neighbors on our row left on Saturday night.
The good part about that was that now the people on the
antique alley could see my stuff.
I got more traffic on Sunday than I did on any other day of the sale.

The ladies at "Girls gone junkin" were so supportive.
They knew I was dissapointed but they were still very encouraging.
Thanks for your support girls !!!!!

I don't know if I can get off work to make it for the October show.
I did want to go at least once more to see if a better location would
render better results. I'll keep you posted.

Canton - Day 2

I put out all my little pretties.

Had my camper awning out for shade and shelter.

Right by the restrooms.
Good location right ?

WRONG !!!!
We could see the shoppers going down the row to our right.
Why weren't they coming down our row?
Well.... I had so many people say things like:
"You should be in the Arbors"
"Wow, I love your stuff - what are you doing over here?"
I heard a lot of "Why didn't we bring the truck?"
I did sell a bit on Thursday but not as much as I had hoped.

Canton - Day 1

We were loaded up and almost ready to go when...the jacks were removed from under the camper and it bottomed out.
It seems that the springs under the camper
were so rusty that one of them broke.
My brother (who can fix ANYTHING) was called to the rescue.
The springs were changed and we got new tires.
The camper was loaded at the time so it had to be
completely unloaded AGAIN !!!! We were supposed to be on the road at
6 a.m. on Wednesday but didn't get on the road until almost 2:00 in the afternoon.
We did make it there safely.
We are thankful that it happened while still in the yard as opposed to on the open road.
Hows that for a silver lining?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ready or Not...

We are rushing to get things ready for Canton. We will be set up in front
of the Civic Center - Row 53 - We are craming as much as we can in the Camper.
Going to an auction tonight and one tomorrow to try to find more furniture pieces.
I'm excited and I pray that this will be successful !!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My new/old camper

What happens in the Camper ~ Stays in the Camper
Seating area


Here she is !!!!

More before and after

I love to see a man working (especially on my stuff) !!!!
This will be my sign in front at Canton

I love the way this buffett server turned out.

And this bench looks incredible.

There is still so much to do.