Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canton - Day 3

Notice anything different?
The wind was gusting so bad (hurricane force I'm sure)
With our luck, I wanted the camper awning put away.
There was 60% chance of showers so we rented a canopy
to protect the furniture.

I did sell most of my signs and framed tins.
One lady came back on Sunday to get one because
her friend had bought one and she liked it so much, they came back
from Dallas. That is one good thing about this experience, I met some
VERY nice ladies. The 2 ladies from Dallas read my blog and then
there was the cutest lady from Happy, Texas that came to see me
because SHE read my blog too. I didn't know anyone read my blog.

Have I mentioned how hot it was?
It was HOT !!!

While I sold a few pieces of furniture, the large
heavy pieces were still there and we had to bring them
back home with us. Did I mention they were HEAVY !!!!
All the neighbors on our row left on Saturday night.
The good part about that was that now the people on the
antique alley could see my stuff.
I got more traffic on Sunday than I did on any other day of the sale.

The ladies at "Girls gone junkin" were so supportive.
They knew I was dissapointed but they were still very encouraging.
Thanks for your support girls !!!!!

I don't know if I can get off work to make it for the October show.
I did want to go at least once more to see if a better location would
render better results. I'll keep you posted.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Just getting caught up. I hate that is wasn't gangbusters for you! How cool was it to meet some folks who read your blog? There are lurkers everywhere, I tell ya! I'm very sorry I didn't get to come out. I was so tempted. But, since we took a load to Warrenton Sunday, coming Saturday was impossible. Sounds like your goods were loved, though the heavies were rejected. Make note. They loved your artistic pieces! ~Mindy

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Your furniture is amazing! And yep, there sure are people who read your blog...I'm one of them!

~ Anne

Kathy Rock Bean said...

wow, i love all your stuff. i am always reading your blog

Chel-C said...

Hey! I happened upon your blog searching for bonnie and clyde trade days info. I gather you live in Louisiana? I'm from Oak Grove. Do you have a shop or sell your things locally anywhere? Please let me know if you do. I'd be very interested at seeing your things. They look amazing in the photos!