Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kitchen Reno - Before

suffice it to say - this kitchen was a mess.

It was completed gutted.

And then they started from scratch.

What did they do in the mean time?
They camped out -- What else could they do?
I'm sure this is not the life that she imagined.

 Sherri wanted lots of drawers for items.
I don't know about you but I love the big deep drawers
that I have in my kitchen at home.  I just wish I
had this many of them.

Can you see the light?
We bought this island in Canton Texas.
The front that you are looking at in this picture
is an old door.  The back of it - that I didn't get a picture of -
is long shelves.  She plans to put baskets on the shelves
and it will also be a place to put the extra large bowls
that she has accumulated.  I just know it will be
fabulous once it it finished.

More to come and hopefully it won't be long.
They are already cooking in the kitchen when they need to.
There is no water yet because the water softener is broken and
the water is almost pure rust without it.  Jason has been working
a lot with the latest storms that have hit Louisiana so the work
is not progressing as they would like but you gotta work right?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Living Room after

Still some work to be done and always hopeful
that the dead animal heads will be removed to another room,
but at least they can sleep in here on these cold nights now.

Living room fire place before and after

 This is the living room fireplace before.

This is the fireplace after.

Living Room during

 Well, I know I have been absent for quite some time now. 
It has been quite busy in my neck  of the woods.
The living room was completely gutted, insulated, and
the floors were stipped of a lot of paint.

 The kids were troopers - most of the time -
cooking outside and not too many luxuries.

The roof looks great with the new tin on it and even
the new wood stove stack looks good.