Monday, March 23, 2009

More pics of the booth

Booth ~ Before and After


Got up at 7 a.m. on Sunday and loaded up Baby Boys truck and 
my Suburban and went to the booth.  We left there at 2 p.m.
My feet and lower back hurt and all I wanted to do
was come home, take a shower and relax.

My poor Baby Girl RaeRae had to head to the library to study for a test. 
Ah to be young again !!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Does anyone know what this is?

I just can't find out what this is.
Is it some type of bee smoker?
I have to know.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend projects

And hand in hand on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon...
Angles are watching over you ~ their wings wrap gently around you ~
whispering you are lived and blessed

Shabby Chic sewing machine drawers

Vintage bottles that we embellished

So pretty.

Before & After petite lamp shades

Just little metal shades that I got for 25 cents at Bonnie & Clyde. I got 2 of these.
Now they look like they are wearing little tutu's.

With pretty little prisms hanging down to catch the light.

Before & After ~ Canisters

Do you remember when this design would have fit perfectly in your kitchen?

Be gone with the mushrooms.

Some paint, ribbons, flower and swirleys make it the perfect place to keep your stuff.

Estate Sale and Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days

This weekend Rae (Baby Girl) and I went to an estate sale in 
Rayville and then to Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days 
in Arcadia, LA.  

Spent my last $100 on some cool junk.  

See the old bread box - it also had 3 matching canisters.  
I had a project in mind.
3 petite lamp shades ~ jello molds ~ baby shoe mold
finial ~ silver tray ~ old pearl buttons ~ pitch fork
rakes and an old measuring tape.
2 girly chairs (or they will be) ~ 2 rusty/chippy metal stands
& 2 shabby tables

It feels like Christmas Morning !!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lamp Shades

Little Cherub Lamp
Needed the perfect pink shade

so much for trying to copy Linda @ Linda's Blue Gate
its the best I can do
just prisms and ribbons - kinda cute

Garage Sale Finds

Box of ironstone for $25
I only bought it for these pieces
lamp shades for a project that I saw on Linda's Blue Gate Blog

Lots of chairs !!! Chairs are a good seller in my booth.
Thats it for todays Garage Sale Finds.