Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Projects

Baby girl found this desk at a garage sale
and brought it home.

A little primer, a little paint, embellishments and distressing and look at it now.

This old hoosier had been left outside
to die a slow and miserable death.

A little more primer, MUCH TLC, and paint and she is now able to live out the rest of her days as a beautiful piece that someone will take home and love.

I made some more plaques that hold a 4X4 picture.

Angels are watching over you ... I love this quote.

Nothing prepared us for your smile.

And here are some old wooden panels embellished w/ an iron cross.

This cross has an old earring set in the center.

This cross has an old button set in the center and says

"Angels are watching over you ... you are loved and blessed".

I hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend.

Headed to Canton this weekend !!!!!
I can hardly wait.


delighted heart said...

Great job! Love the desk! I'll be at Canton too! Maybe I'll run into you! If not..have a great time!

Denise said...

LOve that desk! Great job on both of those.