Monday, April 5, 2010

My space in Canton

I made a few crosses.

and I had tons of shabby chic furniture
and lots of really cool accessories BUT
I sold maybe 7 items the entire weekend.

It was apparently not meant to be and I have now come to the
conclusion that this is not what God wants me to do with my time.
This was my last trip to Canton as a vendor.  It makes me very sad but...
I will have to concentrate more on my "big girl" job and less on my dream.
I will spend more time fluffing my booth space and making it the best it can be.


just CLAUDIA Vintage Junkie said...

Wow - I am "one" of your sales at Canton and want to encourage your creative talent! You had a beautiful space! I purchased the wire dome and you added a "bumble bee" - it is sitting on my island right now! Love your blog! was hoping to see you again someday, but will keep in touch via blogs! God bless you and your family. St. Joseph, Missori

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

LOVE those crosses!!! Glad to hear that you are following your own path and doing what is going to be best for you! I know that whatever you decide---you will succeed at!!! xo..deb