Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Canton

OK - so I have never been to Canton in April and I don't think I will ever go back in April.  I have NEVER seen it so crowded in the years that I have been going.  None of my usual vendors had any furniture items left for me to bring home and fix for my booth.  I stopped in to say hello to the ladies at Junk Palace and their shops were almost empty.  I was told that there had been such a crowd the day before that they literally had very little left in their booths.  I did stop by Laurie Anna's and get a few things.  Her nests were wonderful - and on sale so I couldn't resist and I got some of her burlap ribbon that I can't wait to use.  She was out of the wire cloches' though.  I followed a girl around the store waiting for her to put the last one down so I could grab it - but she made off with it.  :)  These pics are from Laurie Anna's.  If any of you haven't been to her store or booth in Canton - it is a must  see !!!!

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